Are you hiring without a map?

We hire blind. We start with a job description and then hope the ideal candidate falls into our lap—even though we haven’t been clear about what kind of person is needed for the job. But what if you knew exactly what you needed? What if you could find candidates whose behaviors are appropriate for the job you’re hiring?

9 tools to help you build bulletproof job descriptions

You are staring at a cursor on a blank screen. Or, if you’re lucky, you have a template of some kind to work with. If you’re unlucky, you might be looking at a mess of a job description someone else tried to create—that you need to turn into a magic document that will not only attract your dream candidate, but set them up for success.

One simple way to think about employer-employee fit

Whether you’re hiring someone or looking to be hired, finding fit is critically important. Mike Zani, The Predictive Index’s CEO, has a simple framework for how he thinks about this. Before you hit play to watch the video, grab a pencil and piece of paper (you’ll understand why when you watch the video).

Recruitment, team building, and coaching all wrapped into one tool

Community Family Guidance Center (CFGC) is a non-profit children’s mental health agency with about 65 employees. Most of its employees are therapists and case managers and administrators. Joan Smock is their director of human resources. The Predictive Index (PI) did a question and answer with Joan to learn more about how they use PI at the Community Family Guidance Center.

Comparing Myers-Briggs vs. The Predictive Index

A lifelong MBTI practitioner’s take on PI.

What’s a woman who’s built her career around Myers-Briggs (MBTI) to do when her husband buys The Predictive Index (PI)? I’m not talking about buying the PI assessment solution, mind you. I’m talking about him buying the whole darn company.

PI is a tool that can be considered a competitive product to the MBTI, and the latter is the framework that I have spent my entire career studying, evangelizing, and building a business around.

How my company gives me super powers

The Predictive Index put this simple practice into place in 2014, and it gives everyone in the organization insights into co-workers that employees at other companies simply don’t have.

You’ve played the game. We all have. “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?”

Being able to fly like Superman? Becoming instantly invisible? Time travel? Then there’s this one: The capability to be able to read someone else’s mind.