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2017’s top hiring secrets you need to know

By Elsbeth McSorley

Shake-up your outdated hiring process with these must-do strategies for discovering top talent

To ensure your organization’s growth, you’ll need to prioritize when it’s the right time to hire and what key roles need to be sought out for this growth to happen. You can only go so far with modern technology, standard job ads, and face-to-face interviews when trying to discover the perfect candidates. It’s time to explore hiring avenues that can lead to a top talent gold mine. These hiring secrets will shed light on new ideas and places you’ve forgotten to look for those must-have candidates.

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Don’t put all your LinkedIn eggs in one basket

We all know LinkedIn is the go-to hub for networking and recruiting, but don’t solely rely on this site. Engaging in day-to-day recruiting strategies is key to ensuring you aren’t missing out on top talent who may not be utilizing LinkedIn as much for networking. Research and find other avenues besides LinkedIn. Today’s remote workers are engaging companies via outsourced freelance portals, like Upwork or Toptal. They’re also becoming recruiters themselves. If you want to find the industry’s un-tapped skill veins, you’ll need to examine local job markets. It won’t hurt to return to age-old job fairs, either.

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Mold your recruiting goals to internal performances

It’s easy to get tangled up in the top-down world of corporate policy. In 2017, hiring managers are expected to take on recruiting responsibilities. Why? Because business culture is changing. It’s becoming increasingly cohesive and management teams are making quick moves to unify recruiting strategies and internal logistical needs. Nowadays, it’s better to strategize sideways, not vertically. If you expect your future workers to fill goals adequately, you should create a hiring environment which serves your gathered data, created information, and evaluation results.

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Market the roles via social media

Hiring managers are already marketing job positions on Facebook and Twitter. This strategy has emerged due to the incoming Millennial force. Job relevancy fares well when presented on social channels, so bring up social media marketing strategies in your HR meetings. This strategy is particularly effective in teams who’re battling under average in terms of referral acquisitions. If you can tie the above-mentioned data gathering tools into a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, you’ll hit the position hiring sweet spot.

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It’s important to remember why extended networks are important. In 2017, it isn’t enough to prescribe departmental positions to incoming workers based upon paper-bound qualifications. The workforce is becoming increasingly specialized. It’s also packed with multifaceted workers who value job identity more than any previous generation did. The first step towards viable position filling practices is good, old-fashioned review. Figure what you need, who you need, and create a strategic, fool-proof hiring process guaranteed to discover your best hire yet.


Elsbeth is the content and community manager at PI.

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