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4 common hiring mistakes ruining your recruitment process

7 min read

A job interview is all about selling yourself. This overwhelming fear of interviews has been instilled in us from the second we left college; We’re given this list of foolproof tips and tricks needed to ace an interview—do extensive research on the company beforehand, your handshake says a lot about you, know the dress code…

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Build employee confidence

53 min read

Did you know there’s actually a science behind confidence that can allow you to literally change your brain to think more confidently?

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How to find your next leader

17 min read

CEO of The Predictive Index (PI) Mike Zani talks with Kristen McAlister, co-owner and president of Cerius Interim Executive Solutions. Kristen plays matchmaker to senior executives. When CEOs are looking to fill a a specific role on a temporary basis but find there’s a gap in their senior team, Kristen and Cerius, with a behavioral understanding of…

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What data can tell us about managing people

18 min read

The Predictive Index (PI) CEO talked with Vickers Engineering Process Improvement Manager Jordan Klint about where data comes into play when hiring and managing people. Take a listen or read the full transcript of the interview below. Mike: Great. I am Mike Zani, the CEO of The Predictive Index. I am excited to be here with Jordan Klint. We…

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Tackling today’s human capital challenges

15 min read

From Apple to Starbucks, The Predictive Index CEO Mike Zani talked with Bank of the Pacific Corporate Trainer Tracy Ford on what he learned about managing people at these major corporations, strategic human capital challenges facing Bank of the Pacific and how they tackle them, and the importance of C-suite buy-in. Take a listen or read the full transcription…

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How to spread jobs through Facebook

1 min read

Facebook is the most popular online social network in the world, so it only makes sense to use it to get job ads out there. Chrissy Costello, Director of Talent Acquisition at Buildium, talks the importance of spreading jobs through Facebook.

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Making your employees guardians of the culture

1 min read

Your people know the organization like the back of their hand. They are a part of the day-to-day aspects that make up the organization’s culture. Matt Poepsel, VP of Product at The Predictive Index, suggest including, not just hiring managers and those directly involved with the position, but other members of the organization who can…

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Hiring Hacks: Boost your Glassdoor reviews

1 min read

One thing to keep in mind and remember during your interview process, is that although you may be the one conducting the interview and evaluating the candidate, the candidate is also taking the time to research and evaluate your organization. And their first stop? Glassdoor, where candidates “can get a good sense of the health…

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Hiring Hacks: Can your candidate pass the Airport Test?

1 min read

Before you hire a candidate, take a second to think about the Airport Test. Would your candidate pass? Founder and CEO of Yesware Matthew Bellows walks you through how this test can determine candidate fit.

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[VIDEO] Hiring Hacks: Use your team to close

1 min read

Let your team do the closing. CEO of The Predictive Index Mike Zani paints the candidate a picture of what it’s like to work with a world-class workforce and a team of people that you truly want to work alongside on a day-to-day basis.

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