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How to grow your organization without sacrificing the quality of new hires

Focusing on intense organizational growth at a fast rate can cause you to miss out on the best talent

It’s a founder’s dilemma: Your business needs people now to grow at breakneck speed, yet you know it’s important to take the time to make smart hiring decisions. Hiring just anyone who walks in the door can come back to haunt you later on if those fast hires don’t have the skills, abilities, or interpersonal skills to keep up with business growth. Try these tips to hire quickly and intelligently. 

human resource position.jpgBe patient

According to the American Express OPEN survey of small business owners, growth is now the top concern of entrepreneurs. That’s right–growth is more important than survival of the business. 

Businesses who seem to grow overnight while leaping over the competitors are not only thinking big, they’re making big moves by waiting for the A players. If you hire a C choice to fill an open role because you need someone in there now, you may have fulfilled the immediate need, but you’ve brought onboard someone who will not be able to perform at your level. As a result, you won’t be able to achieve the breakneck speed you seek. So, when fielding candidates for an open position, be patient, and wait for the right fit. That’s how you get smart growth. 

Change is part of organizational growth, but that doesn’t mean it comes easily. This tip sheet outlines the four steps that are fundamental to,executing and sustaining successful organizational change.

Keep the pipeline open 

Smart companies are always willing to meet with talented candidates who show an interest in the organization, whether or not there are open positions. If the right person comes along who can grow the company in a new capacity, then work can be created for that person. Always leave the pipeline open to increase the likelihood that the right person will come along at the right time. 

Boost your signal by cross posting in the right places. Rather than use the major career sites, post in relevant LinkedIn groups, share with peers, or send to message boards in your field. When you’re selective about where and how you advertise your company, you’ll attract the right caliber of candidates naturally. 

job opening.jpgRethink the standard interview questions

Are you asking information that can be gleaned from a careful read of a candidate’s resume? If so, you’re missing out on the chance to really assess the interviewee’s fit with your company. Behavioral assessments are a great tool to get to know whether the candidate is a good cultural fit for your organization and provides insightful information into their behavioral needs and drives in the workplace. Strive to uncover what past achievements employees take pride in, what they think they could do better, how they work on teams, and what they value. Then compare this information to your mission, vision, and values, and only extend an offer if the fit is there. 

Retain the people you have

Turnover costs you by draining the pipeline. As you bring new team members onboard, don’t forget about the valuable employees who have been with you from the beginning. Find ways to keep high-quality staff with you. 

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