Man on phone holding coffee and walking through the streets

PI Behavioral Assessments on mobile devices

3 min read

By Austin Fossey We use our cell phones for everything, but when it comes to assessments, are our mobile devices the right choice?

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Blue Hills volunteer project

How to increase employee morale: Tips on creating a happy and healthy company culture

4 min read

It’s no surprise that employees who are miserable at work don’t make for strong productivity. In fact, happy workers are 12% more productive than employees who are just phoning it in because they don’t feel appreciated, and/or are burning out from inefficient scheduling and micromanagement. Poor morale also leads to high turnover, hostile workplace culture,…

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Sales managers: Use these tips for trade shows and events.

8 tips on how to best interact with your team members

5 min read

A supervisor’s worst nightmare is walking into a team meeting filled with arguing, apathetic, or inconsiderate employees. When a team is dysfunctional, both the company’s culture and bottom line suffer. Successful teams are made of members who are purposeful in their interactions, mindful of behavioral differences, and try to communicate effectively with each other. It’s…

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