Science: Cognitive Assessment FAQs

Watch the video below to learn best practices for administering the PI Cognitive Assessment. What is the PI Cognitive Assessment? The PI Cognitive Assessment is a powerful tool to help support your selection of talent. It’s important to fully understand the tool in order to ensure compliance with the law and policies at your organization….

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The guide to making better hires with talent optimization
Hiring Hiring

How culture fit adds value

There are benefits to hiring for culture fit. When an employee loves your culture, the enthusiasm tends to show in their work. On the flip side, hiring the wrong candidate can be expensive: they may underperform or leave after only a short period of time. There’s benefits to a great culture fit for the candidate…

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Conducting the interview

Who can conduct a cultural interview? If you’ve built a strong culture? Anyone in your organization! If you’ve correctly assessed your values companywide, then they don’t just live with managers, HR, or executives. Anyone should know what values your company stands for, and anyone should be able to ask candidates about them. Put another way,…

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Building your cultural interview

What kind of culture do you have? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Many companies don’t have a defined culture. The Predictive Index’s Design module can help you determine your culture through what we call “Team Types.” Team Types are essentially the ‘average’ of every team member’s behavioral preferences. You can explore them in the…

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Hiring the whole person

Relying on your gut? Many managers have an experience like this: You’re hiring for an open position and you find someone that seems perfect. They’re charming during the interview and their resume is spot-on, and so you fast-track them to the open spot. As soon as they start, they’re a nightmare. They show up late,…

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