Maintaining company culture

4 Lessons 10 minutes completion time

What you'll learn:

How to reinforce your culture by rewarding behaviors that support your cultural values.

Understanding your company culture

Before jumping to improving or maintaining your culture, let’s discuss the specific culture types. Cultures can be defined by two major competing value propositions: 

  • Whether the company values stability or change. 
  • Whether the company is internally focused or externally focused. 

Based on those values, an organization will fall within one of the four organizational cultures:

So, which culture is right for your organization? To best answer that question, you’ll need to consider your business strategy. A tool like Team Discovery will define the quadrant your executives believe is best for the company currently.

Once you’ve identified your company culture, you can assess how your current culture stacks up to the one you want. Go directly to the source of your culture–your people–and poll how you’re doing. Engagement surveys are a great way to take a magnifying glass to your organization. Engagement surveys allow employees to provide confidential feedback that can identify how aligned–or misaligned–they are with your business strategy. 

Consider the question, “I feel I am recognized for the work I do.” If the results come back and many responses are lower than expected, perhaps your values don’t align with your actions. For example, perhaps your organization is promoting improved teamwork but at the same time is praising employees based on individual performance and encouraging competition against one another.

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