Understanding access levels

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Access levels determine what actions you can perform within each product of the Predictive Index platform. 

User access levels can be viewed and managed from the Manage Users panel, which is accessible via the gear icon in the top-right of your navigation bar.

What are the different access levels?

Users can be assigned one of five access levels:

  • No Access: Cannot create, view, or edit anything
  • Limited: Restricted in what they can view and edit
  • Full: Restricted in what they can edit
  • Admin: Unrestricted in what they can create, view, and edit; can promote/demote Full, Limited, and No Access users
  • Organization Admin: Can promote/demote any user, including Admins and other Org Admins.

Access levels are set on a per-product basis. If your company is subscribed to PI Hire and PI Design, it’s possible to be an Admin user in Hire and a Limited user in Design.

What are the default access levels for new users?

Here’s how access levels work by default:

  • The first user at your company to sign up for a specific PI product (and confirm their email) becomes an Admin.
  • Any other subsequent user receives the Limited designation.

How to modify access levels

  1. Log in to the PI software.
  2. Click the gear icon () in the top-right of the navigation bar. 
  3. You will land on the Users tab within the Administration page.
  4. Search the name or email of the user whose access level you’d like to change.
  5. Select the user’s name. This will bring you to a screen titled Edit User Record.
  6. Within the User Product Access section, find the PI Product(s) for which you’d like to modify access.
  7. Under Access Level, click the drop-down and select the desired access level.
  8. Select Save Changes.

Note: The Organization Admin is a special-case permission that must be enabled by an existing Org Admin.

To enable an Org Admin:

  1. Follow steps 1 through 5 from the directions above.
  2. Within the User Settings section, select the checkbox “Grant Organization Admin access.”
  3. Select Save Changes.

Access levels overview

Org AdminAdminFullLimitedNo Access
Create a new Job or Team
View all Jobs and Teams
Edit all Jobs and Teams
View and edit Jobs and Teams you’ve created
Access the “Manage Users” panel
Invite new users
Change Full, Limited, and No Access users’ access levels
Change Admin users’ access levels
Change your own access level
Change Full and Limited users’ ability to Activate a Job or Team
Change Admin users’ ability to Activate a Job or Team

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