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Here you’ll find more user information about the PI Hire tool, as well as resources to help you improve your hiring process.

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Identify the ideal candidate, find the best fits from your candidate pool, and help hiring managers make the best hiring decisions.

Promoting fair and responsible use

Visit this resource to understand how to use assessments in an equitable and responsible manner.

About the PI Interview Builder

Learn more about this one-of-a-kind tool’s creation, and how users can apply the questions to enhance not only their hiring process, but the candidate experience.

Conducting the interview

This lesson offers recommendations for creating an interview process that accounts for the whole person – beyond their resume – when using Hire 2.0

Using Top Performers

This article walks you through how to set up a behavioral target based on the results of one of your highest-performing employees.

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Start CourseHiring the right talent Complete in: 15 minutes Start CourseHow to hire for culture fit Complete in: 10 minutes Start CourseHow to build a diverse workforace Complete in: 10 minutes Start CertificationTalent Optimization Certification Complete in: 2 hours

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