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Where should the PI Behavioral Assessment (BA) go in your hiring process?

Many users choose to implement the BA in a manner that doesn’t disrupt or alter their existing workflow. The beauty of talent optimization is that it’s a flexible discipline.

You can apply the Behavioral Assessment at the point in your hiring process that makes the most sense for everyone involved – whether that’s as the centerpiece, an add-on, or something in between.

Here is what it would look like for your organization to send the BA early vs. later.

Three steps to better interviews

Fine tune your process.

Build an interview process that enhances your hiring process and the candidate experience.

Attract the right candidates.

Make sure your job ads work for you, not against you, using the Job Ad Optimizer.

Ask the right questions.

Our one-of-a-kind PI Interview Builder provides you with the right questions.

Additional support

What is the Behavioral target?

Explore how certain behaviors commonly show up in the workplace.

Promoting fair and responsible use

Understand how to use assessments in an equitable and responsible manner.


Learn how to take action in the software in our documentation center.

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