How to use the Job Ad Optimizer

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By using the PI Hire Job Ad Optimizer* (JAO), you can align your job postings to the different behaviors that lend to success in a given role, using language and references that resonate with the type of person who possesses those behaviors.

The JAO applies the Job Target to inform its analysis. This analysis focuses on areas of misalignment between the ad and the role, according to the target set when you created the Job.

*This feature is available only for Hire 2.0 users. If you’re using the 1.0 version of the software, please refer to this support content.

How does it work?

  1. Log in to PI Hire.
  2. Create a Job.
  3. Select a benchmark.
  4. On the Job Target screen, click on the tab labeled ‘Job Ad Optimizer.’
  5. In the Job Ad Optimizer field, paste your job requirements.
  6. Select ‘Analyze.’

Once the request processes, you’ll arrive at an output page.

If the job ad is a good match to the target, under Improvement recommendations, you’ll see a green check mark and a message that reads: “Your job is well aligned.”

If not, you will see Suggestions to improve the score. These suggestions include phrases and terms to apply to your existing job ad, so the content more closely aligns with the Job Target.

What’s behind the analysis?

The Job Ad Optimizer uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to determine how well your job ad represents the behavioral requirements of your open job (as indicated by your Job Target). 

Specifically, it considers:

  • The behaviors represented by each sentence
  • A score for each individual sentence
  • An aggregate score for the entire ad
  • How those scores compare to your Job Target

Behaviors might be represented explicitly (e.g., “must be extraverted”), or implicitly (e.g., “motivates and energizes the team”). The more clearly the wording implies what could lend to success, the more likely the ad will score well.

Some recommendations may be generated by factors that do not match the job target. For instance, if a job description places importance on influencing others), but the job target calls for more independence, then the Job Ad Optimizer (JAO) will recommend the user replace text that indicates the need to manage and influence others with an emphasis on harmony and the need to support others. 

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