Talent Optimization Consultant Certification

Welcome to the Talent Optimization Consultant Certification. 

Talent optimization is Moneyball for business. It’s a discipline grounded in the collection and application of people data. When you know how to harness people data, you can help clients make better decisions when it comes to who to hire and how to deploy people within their organization. Earning this certification will demonstrate your understanding of the talent optimization discipline and how it can be used to:

  • Advise companies, departments, and teams on how to implement the talent optimization practice at work.
  • Measure, analyze, and use data to identify people gaps and drive business strategy.
  • Create and continuously grow a people strategy.
  • Utilize people data to hire high-performing talent and build world-class teams.
  • Apply best practices to improve how people work together.

With a Talent Optimization Consultant Certification in hand, you’ll show the world that you understand the key concepts of the discipline and how to implement them to improve business performance.

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