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About Predictive Advantage SA

We offer our clients a combination of scientifically-validated talent assessments, world-class professional training and expert consultancy to help them optimally align their people strategy with their business strategy to achieve maximum results

Predictive Advantage is a Certified Partner of the Predictive Index. We are a Talent Optimization Consultancy with over 50 years of experience in consultation, people assessments and delivering professional training workshops.
Applying a human lens to all your business activities will enable you to
– ensure that your people strategy and your leadership team are aligned with your business plan
– reliably attract, select and develop the right people for each role
– build high-performing teams and a powerful company culture
– achieve the desired business results
Our business is founded on sharing and transferring our knowledge and expertise to our clients, so that they can create effective business processes.

Team Leaders

Robin Wood

Robin Wood


With more than forty years experience in international business and industry, Robin has worked extensively all over the world, consulting with many of the largest and most influential companies in Europe, Middle East, Asia and North & South America.

Fiona Brookwell

Fiona Brookwell

Associate - UK

Fiona is a passionate talent management consultant and experienced coach. She held a number of senior HR management positions within major UK retailing businesses before starting her own HR consultancy in 1999. Within the UK, Fiona is a key Associate for Predictive Advantage, and has been training, coaching and implementing The Predictive Index tools within UK and international organisations since 2001. She is a qualified Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Stéphanie Kveton

Stéphanie Kveton

Associate - Switzerland

Stéphanie Kveton is a key Associate of Predictive Advantage in Switzerland. She is internationally active and handles numerous global client accounts. She specialises in Management & Organizational Development. The suite of products provides HR executives and line management with the analytics they need to make fast, accurate and consistent people decisions at all levels of their organization and to ensure that their business is talent optimized.

Really valuable and useful tools. This will make a huge move towards getting the right people in the right positions.

Joy A. - VP Sales North America

I’ve gone from being completely skeptical of psychometric analysis, to being almost religious in my use of this particular tool.

Ben F. - Managing Director
Software of Excellence

Organizationally, we now have the opportunity to use The Predictive Index as a way to ensure the right person is placed in the right position, and once in the position, how to employ appropriate and effective communications and management strategies.

Bill U. - Operations Recruiter
Henry Schein