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Reduce time and effort trying to find the right candidate for the role.
With PI Hire you will get:

Actionable, objective data integrated into your hiring process that increases the likelihood of retaining new hires

Reduced time and cost from rehiring due to turnover and new hires not working out

Hiring team alignment around the behaviors needed to be successful in a role

Here’s how it works.


You could end up hiring the wrong candidate, adding time and frustration to your process if your hiring team is not on the same page. Our software rallies everyone around the traits needed in a candidate. Align early in the process, and you can reduce bias and get at the core of what will make them a star performer.


Each job is unique, and requires different behaviors. We’ll help identify your job’s Behavioral Target: the range of behaviors that may be necessary for a candidate to succeed in that role. Use one of our readymade targets, model it after a top-performing employee, or work with your hiring manager to create your own from scratch.


Each candidate has different behaviors, too. Send the six-minute, scientifically validated Behavioral Assessment to as many candidates as you want, and we’ll identify the Reference Profile and specific behavioral pattern that best match your open role. Use our Cognitive Assessment as another valuable data point. It measures general cognitive ability, so you understand how quickly a candidate can learn and adapt in a role.


We’ll show you how your candidate’s behavioral characteristics align with your Job Target. The traits needed to succeed may be vastly different for a star graphic designer versus an ace sales manager. We’ll arm you with the tools you need to ensure you have the right candidate. You’ll see their match score and how they fit the target you created, as well as their strengths and their misaligned traits. You can then use the targeted Interview Builder questions to dig into those traits even further.


The Interview Builder combines robust behavioral data with innovative technology to game-changing effect. It can equip hiring teams with countless new combinations of targeted questions, allowing them to narrow their candidate criteria and get at the core attributes they want to see in a hire.


You need a leg up in today’s historic job market. Whether you have three candidates or 300, PI gives you the confidence you need to pick the right person, faster. By seeing the candidates who possess those natural behaviors, you can better predict who’s likely to be successful in the role – and stay for the long term.

Experience the advantage of 60+ years of hiring data

Our vast repository of insights and best-in-class consulting network empower you with a wealth of knowledge, guiding you towards making informed hiring decisions.

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The risk of the unknown is almost completely eliminated. PI Hire gives clear insight, allowing for purposeful, strategic decisions in about 6 minutes to assess.

Andy Parkins | CEO, Six Factor

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Align candidates with your unique job requirements
Enhanced candidate matches
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Pinpoint candidates destined for long-term success
Limit mishires in a competitive job market
Enhanced recruiting process from end to end

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