Employee Engagement Tool

Be a best place to work.

Send science-backed pulse surveys and get AI-powered recommendations to build an outstanding culture with PI Diagnose.

Try PI Diagnose completely free – no credit card required.


Understand exactly what your people need to thrive.

Give your employees a voice and get prescriptive actions proven to drive meaningful and lasting change.

Get your company’s full story on engagement without hours of manual analysis

See the overall health of your employee experience at a glance—or drill down to the finest details with powerful filtering by department, location, demographics, and performance level.

Get send-ready pulse and engagement surveys you can trust

Build a survey in a few clicks using validated questions created by a team of People Science PhDs. Accurately measure and cover any aspect of employee engagement.

See how you stack up against similar companies

Instantly see how your organization compares on key engagement metrics—for every item and category—based on data from thousands of other companies.

Boost employee participation with fast and flexible pulse surveys

Send a series of quick engagement surveys over time with automatic reminder messages, to limit survey fatigue and increase participation rates.

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Prevent burnout and unwanted turnover

Ever wonder which parts of your organization are at risk to turn over? Or which teams are feeling burned out? Our algorithms predict both and explain why, so you can get ahead of attrition.

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See opportunities for immediate action with AI

Ditch hours of survey analysis for fast machine learning. Our algorithms will pinpoint your biggest opportunity areas to improve engagement—so you can drive results.

Quality data in,
better culture out

Most providers collect data. With PI Diagnose, you’ll collect the right data—on key drivers of engagement—so you can improve what matters most.

Engaged companies have:

  • 23% higher profitability
  • 43% lower turnover
  • 66% higher well-being

Designed for everyone in your organization.


Give your employees a voice by continuously collecting feedback so you can build a better culture of trust belonging, and accountability.


No more chasing follow-ups or endless email chains—see all of your team actions to improve engagement in one place.


Standardize your employee engagement program in one platform, while personalizing any survey to each team’s most pressing need.

The best performing companies are people-first.

Don’t just measure engagement—elevate it.

Be a best place to work with PI Diagnose.

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